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Trauma Related Learning Events Database (TRED)

The Network has launched a new form to capture events that happen within the trauma system. These events, both good and bad, will be captured on the new Trauma Related Events Database (TRED) where they will be reviewed and shared at the new Trauma Related Events Review Group.

The purpose of this group is to further enhance our opportunities to learn across organisational boundaries. It will not replace existing governance meetings/DATIX processes however it is designed to take the learning from those and share with colleagues across the Network so that others may learn from them. The group and the database has been co-developed with a number of Trauma Units, pre-hospital Providers and the MTC.

Trauma Related Learning Events Group

This group will review any events and learning as required. Any themes will be passed on to the relevant group e.g. Clinical Steering Group for wider knowledge. Learning from events will be shared within this group and with wider organisations (through the organisations representative) and where appropriate will be shared with other Network groups e.g. Clinical Steering Group. This learning will be generic in nature and therefore will be non-identifiable to those not involved in the event.


The Trauma Related (Learning) Events Database - TRED - is a way to capture learning from events from across the Network in one place. This learning will then be shared with Network partners so we can continue to develop and enhance our Trauma services and make trauma care better for patients and staff.

It works by submitting the form at the above link which is then reviewed and forwarded onto the organisation(s) involved in the event to establish if they are aware of the event. If they are; a feedback loop is created to request any learning to be shared with the Trauma Related Learning Events Group. If not the details are shared and links established to the reporting organisation to allow relevant information to be shared.

Simply? No. The database is designed to capture positive as well as adverse events. The key here is “is the event something others may be able to learn from?”


The database and associated review group is designed to compliment not replace your organisations incident reporting.

Once any investigation (as appropriate) is completed; all we ask is the learning comes back to the Trauma Related Learning Events Group for review and dissemination to all the Network.

No patient information is held or processed by TRED; only job or DATIX numbers are shared. Patient information can only be shared between the organisations involved

Staff involved will remain anonymous and all the learning will be generalised to help prevent identification of individuals.

Further Information

For further information please contact Craig Esberger, Senior Network Manager at

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