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Service Improvement 

This workstream is carried out via the Clinical Group. 

Peer Review

The EMMTN has participated in a national process for Peer Review. This was historically introduced by NHSE Quality Surveillance Team (QST) and review was undertaken against a set of Major Trauma Services Quality Indicators. Members of the Network undertook peer review training to support the national major trauma peer review process. More recently the Networks have assessed against a set of quality indicators hosted on NHSE SSQD


The Network supports the collection of data to inform Major Trauma capacity and planning and employs a full-time Audit Co-ordinator who is responsible for data collection, collation and analysis.  This work includes ISS data TARN data management and reporting, case study management, secondary transfer data input and monitoring. 

Audit and Research

The Network routinely reviews the Major Trauma Centre and Trauma Unit’s nationally agreed metrics within the quarterly produced TARN Data Dashboards.  These national measures are collated and analysed on a quarterly basis for report to the Network Clinical Steering Group and Network Board. 

Further information on data reports is available via the Network Administrator

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