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Network Structure and Governance

The EMMTN was formed in order to ensure equitable access and care for all major trauma patients within a defined geographical area in the East Midlands region. 

Network members work together to improve the experience and outcomes for major trauma patients in the region.

The Network has a clear organisational structure which ensures clear lines of accountability, effective two-way communication and clearly defined work streams. The structure allows for integration of both management and clinical staff who together have adopted a common approach for planning and delivering the needs of the major trauma patient. 

In order to offer assurance to both providers and commissioners, the Network, a non-statutory organisation, operates within a governance framework. This is crucial, particularly in terms of transparency and provider to provider accountability. The Network  completes the ODN Governance Framework on an annual basis and outcomes are shared with Network members.

The following documents can be obtained via the Network Administrator 

  • Network Organisational Structure 
  • Network Management Structure 
  • Objectives and Workplan - 2021 - 2023 can be viewed here
  • Governance Framework and Toolkit  can be viewed here
  • Plan on a Page 2021 - 2023 can be viewed here
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