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Patient and Public Involvement



Patient and public member representatives can support the Network in ensuring that the voice of patients and the public are heard in the work of the Network. There is opportunity for  patients to participate in meetings, engage collaboratively with the Network and act as an ambassador for the patient and public voice.

This is a voluntary role and the PPI representative has an independent view of the work of the Network and is external to the day-to-day running of the Network. If you have any patient that may be interested in becoming a representative, please advise the Network Manager who will arrange further discussion. 

PPI is a key component that supports the Network’s objectives, involving patients in the designs, planning, delivery and evaluation of services; the Network has a  Network PPI and Engagement Strategy available for sharing from the Network Manager

PPI is a key component that supports the Network’s objectives and whilst this Strategy provides an overarching approach to engagement and involvement at a Network level, it does not replace, but rather complements local participant member organisation PPI Strategies.

Currently, public involvement and engagement is achieved through the identification of patient stories through unstructured interview with past patients and or relatives/carers. A number of stories have been shared at the Network Annual Conference and through presentation to the Board.