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East Midlands Critical Care Network

The East Midlands Critical Care Network (EMCCN) has been in existence since April 2000, previously as the Mid Trent Critical Care Network. During 2020 and 2021, the University Hospitals of Leicester, Northampton General Hospital, Kettering General Hospital and Chesterfield Royal Hospital joined us.

The Network exists to ensure equitable access and care for all critically ill patients within a defined geographical area. The main focus of the Network is adult critical care, but there are links into specialised areas providing care including cardiac, neurosciences and paediatrics and directly with the East Midlands Spinal and Major Trauma Networks.

Network members work together to improve the experience and outcomes for critically ill patients in the region and on occasions out of region.  Our philosophy is "Your Patient is Our Patient".

Critical care services are provided for patients who, because of severe illness, accident or following a major operation, require high levels of care often involving the use of highly technical equipment by specially trained staff.  Critically ill patients are the sickest patients in a hospital and often require intensive monitoring and/or the support of failing organs. Critical care is given to patients on Intensive Care or Intensive Therapy Units, High Dependency Units and in specialist areas like Renal Units or Coronary Care Units and is a high cost, low volume service. Patients are classified by three levels of care (Level 1-3), where patients requiring Level 0 care have their needs met through normal ward care in an acute hospital.

Full definitions can be found at Comprehensive Critical Care (DoH, 1999) 

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